Katy Patio Covers

About Us

The folks behind Katy Patio Covers have extensive experience in the construction and landscaping business. We founded the company with a commitment of being the best backyard improvement business in Katy, Texas.

Because of our construction experience, we knew that hiring sub-contractors was common practice in the industry. We also knew that using sub-contractors often resulted in sub-par work. In order to be the best, we needed to hire the best – and keep them. Over the years, we have built a team of professionals dedicated to craftsmanship. Each of these experts is a full employee of Katy Patio Covers.

Our Competition Can’t Compare
While our competitors such as “big box” retailers and franchises may lure homeowners with seemingly lower prices, they simply can’t compare with the quality and personal service you’ll receive from Katy Patio Covers. When working with us, you will be working with our management team from concept to completion. We are a family-owned and operated backyard improvement business that is accountable to our customers.

Should a problem arise with a large retailer or franchise business, you’ll have to cut through layers of bureaucracy in order to get satisfactory resolution. Even after getting through to the decision maker, the service issues are usually handed off to the original sub-contractor who may be difficult to find or unwilling to make things right. Since sub-contractors make very little money in the first place, returning for warranty or service issues is often a low priority.

While extremely large companies have their pitfalls, you should also beware of the smaller, fly-by-night contractors. These contractors come in, make promises, do the job as quickly as possible, and head off to the next community which has earned them the nickname of “trunk slammers.” Warranty issues? While the contractor may have promised a warranty, getting repair work done is nearly impossible with these contractors.

Katy Patio Covers never uses sub-contractors. We have built a team of hourly employees and manage all of our projects in-house.   


We Approach the Backyard Improvement Business a Little Differently
In addition to building our company by investing in people, we also built our business on integrity. Having been involved in the industry, we wanted to create a company that put current projects and homeowners first. Customer service, quality products, custom design, superior craftsmanship, and personal attention have helped elevate Katy Patio Covers above the competition.

The management team of Katy Patio Covers has over 40 years of combined backyard design and patio cover installation experience. From built-to-order patio shade covers to attractive garden arbors, you can be certain that your backyard improvement job will be completed with architectural vision and functionality. You’ll enjoy a beautiful addition for years to come.

Katy Patio Covers considers your needs and preferences along with the home’s architectural style before heading to the design room. We will exceed your expectations every step of the way.

What can we do for you?
Go ahead, dream a little. What’s your idea of a perfect backyard retreat? Wisteria covered garden arbors? A shady patio complete with a built-in barbeque pit and outdoor fireplace? A standalone open lattice patio cover where you can settle in and enjoy peace and quiet as the kids splash in the pool? A screened-in patio enclosure where you can set up billiards and a bar for year round outdoor entertainment? Dream away, browse through our Web site, and then give us a call at (281) 576-9523 for your free, no obligation, in-home design consultation.